It’s the day after Thanksgiving and your belly is full of food, but you might have some gravy stains on the couch.


Here’s some furniture cleaning tips on how to remove gravy stains from your dining chairs, sofas, loveseats of wherever else people were sitting while gobbling their Thanksgiving feast. At our house it starts at the dining table and finishes on the couch with some football.

To clean gravy from your furniture:

Be sure to check your upholstery label for the best cleaning method. Click here for more information on upholstery cleaning codes

Carefully scrape off any excess gravy stain (using a hard but flexible plastic edge works best, for example a credit card.).

Cleaning Code W fabrics

Next, using a sponge slightly dampened with water (you may mix in a little laundry detergent) , ‘massage the stain’ (use gentle strokes from the inside of the cushion outwards). If your upholstery is thick, you may use a toothbrush, scrubbing in small circles.

Cleaning Code S fabrics

This kind of fabric on furniture requires dry cleaning, you may use a sponge or damp pad with a small amount of furniture dry cleaning solution. Let the pad with dry cleaning solution sit for a a few minutes and do its stain removing magic. Swap out the pad once it begins to pick  up the stain. Try to keep the cleaning pad and the stain damp with dry cleaning solvent.

Once cleaning is done, if a ‘water ring’ near the cleaned area is visible, continue cleaning to the seam, edge to edge.

If the stain is persistent or upholstery fabric becomes frayed, call a professional. A Furniture Repairman professional has access to better upholstery dry cleaning tools and can dry clean your cushions right in your home!