Leather Furniture Repair

What kind of leather furniture do you have?

We service several types of leather furniture.

Protected leather is more common and less expensive than pure aniline or semi-aniline leather products. It has been dyed and/or coated with protective pigments making its color more consistent and the leather’s natural markings less noticeable. Protected leather is more heavily pigmented than semi-aniline leather is, causing the finished surface to repel water and resist stains better, plus making it easier to clean

Semi-aniline leather describes a full grain leather, which contains only a small amount of surface dye or clear pigmented finish allowing most of the natural character of the leather to show through. This is a premium leather product that has used only a little pigment, whereas pure aniline leather uses none.

Pure aniline leather Only the best hides are good enough to be called pure aniline leather. It is considered the highest quality and most expensive leather.
It is made from full grain leather, that does not require grain correction, still having its natural markings intact. This leather may use a clear finish or protective coating, but not a finish that is pigmented. The appeal is in maintaing its natural characteristics

Suede is a kind of leather with a smooth, velvet-like feel. Suede is made from either the inner split or the flesh split of a piece of leather. Because it comes from a thinner piece of hide, suede is less durable than full-grain leather. The nappy texture of the material also makes it more susceptible to damage from water and stains.

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In home Leather Furniture Repair
Leather furniture cleaning and conditioning leather furniture
Repair cuts, tears and scratches
Restoration of “worn-out” leather upholstery
Custom leather color matching
Conditioning of hardened leather to restore soft feel
Leather sofas, recliners, ottomans, stools, desk tops and much more
Reupholstery and part replacement of leather furniture from antiques to brand new furniture

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Keep the leather furniture in your lobbies and professional offices looking like new
Restaurant booth and furniture repair
School bus seat repair
Flawless repairs on medical and dentistry furniture
We can create custom colors for you to restore your leather on your own

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Leather Car Seat Repair
Leather seat cleaning, repairing and refinishing
Interior cleaning and deodorizing
Dash and hard plastic repairs
Steering wheel re-dye
Automotive carpet color restoration
Dashboard and leather upholstery color matching
Leather and Vinyl Auto Upholstery Repair

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Boat seat and furniture repair on boats and yachts
Cleaning and conditioning of weathered boat seats and furniture
Recoloring and reupholstery of really worn boat seats

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“I was amazed that my old leather couch could look so great. I was ready to throw it out. Thanks so much”

Patti M

“Your tech from FurnitureRepairman.com was very polite and professional, and the job he did was amazing! I couldn’t even tell where the hole in my leather couch had been after he left.”

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