Upholstery, Wood, and Leather Furniture Restoration Services for Government Offices and Court Rooms

Government building furniture is often high end furniture that can be custom-built and difficult to replace. If you want to maintain the original look of your government furniture, furniturerepairman.com is here to help. Throughout public offices or courthouses in New England, we restore wood, leather and upholstered chairs, rail chairs, attorney chairs, jury box chairs, sofas, desks, bookcases, shelving, and tables.

The decision to restore your furniture is a socially responsible choice.  Recycling (by means of restoration) furniture preserves forests, keeps our landfills clean and makes sound economic sense.  There’s no reason to replace furniture that can be restored / refinished or furniture that has historical value with modern furniture that is  less appealing, more costly, and of inferior quality.

The craftsmen at furniturerepairman.com have experience with government and courtroom furniture. From wood touch-ups & refinishing to custom upholstery, our staff will assure that your furniture is given the utmost care while maintaining the beauty and history of each piece.

For additional information or an estimate please contact us. Someone from our team can visit your facility and discuss your restoration project.  Alternatively, you can send us photographs of the items you would like quoted and we can provide an estimate to you that way as well.

Church Furniture Repair

Church seats, pews, and cushions are among the most used furniture pieces in the commercial market. If your churches furniture is starting to look a little under the weather, furniturerepairman.com restorations can be an excellent solution.

We can bring the furniture back to our shop for servicing or come to your church with a crew to touch up pews!

Here are some of the services we provide to churches:

  • Off-site restoration of benches and upholstered furniture.
  • Manufacturing of pew cushions.
  • Reupholstering of kneelers.
  • Transport of items to and from site.

We service churches throughout areas of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut and Maine.

College and University Furniture Repair

Furniture Restoration for Colleges and Universities

furniturerepairman.com can restore and upholster college lobby & lounge furniture through many life cycles. Restoring furniture can provide a savings of 50% or more when compared to the cost of new furniture.  Housing directors throughout the Northeast have discovered their furniture assets can be renewed or restored at a portion of the cost of buying new furniture.  Restoration of furniture also provides the added benefit of recycling thus keeping discarded furniture out of land fills and deforestation.

Whether your furniture needs refinishing, reupholstery  just touch-ups, our team will help you develop a plan for your complete furniture restoration needs. Sample work is always available for select customers who are new to the restoration process. furniturerepairman.com has experience in college / school lobbies, residence halls, theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, and libraries in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut and Maine.