Do your guests always seem to leave the wine glass to the side of the coasters? Have you told your kids 10 million times not to leave their drinks directly on the wood? Once I found out how easy these little tricks were, it saved me a lot of energy and eye rolling from my kids.

Here is a list of concoctions which you can try to get rid of those unwanted marks. Not to mention, they are made out of common household items. I have noted my favorites but please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Using vaseline to remove water stains from wood

Petroleum Jelly

Apply petroleum jelly to the area and let it sit overnight. The following day, wipe away the stain with a soft cloth.

Using baking soda to remove water ringsfrom wood

Baking Soda + Water

Make a paste by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda and about a teaspoon of water in about a 2-1 ratio. Use a soft rag to apply the mix along the stain. Rub gently until the stain disappears.

Using salwater to remove water stains from wood

Salt + Water

Use a teaspoon of salt and some water drops to make a paste. Apply this to the mark with a soft cloth until you no longer see the stain.

Using vinegar oil to remove water stains from wood

Vinegar + Olive Oil

Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil and dampen a soft cloth. Rub the cloth along the mark until you see the mark vanish. Then use a different soft cloth to finish.

Use Mayo to remove water stains from woodMayonnaise

Apply mayonnaise to the affected area. Let it sit overnight and wipe away with a soft cloth the following morning.

For an extra boost try Mayonnaise and Ashes:

Who knew being a smoker would come in handy? Mix together mayonnaise and cigarette ashes and follow the above directions.

Car wax water rings furniture

Car wax

Apply the wax around the ring and let it dry. Once the wax has dried, wipe off the remaining wax with a soft rag.

Hair Dryer remove water marks wood

Hair Dryer

Apply medium-heat for 10-15 seconds. Remove the heat for and let sit for about 30 seconds before you repeat. While you are applying heat, rub the area with a soft cloth.

Our favorite:
Toothpaste to remove water marks wood

★ Toothpaste ★

Apply white (non-gel) toothpaste to a soft, wet cloth and rub around the stain ring. Rub gently because if you rub too hard you can cause even more damage. Leave for a couple minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Almost there but not quite? Trying mixing toothpaste with baking soda for an even more durable blend. Rub the paste parallel to the wood grain. Polish with lemon oil.

For best results:

  • Rub parallel to the wood grain.