provides a variety of services for furniture repair stores both large and small.  From local furniture repair stores to large regional furniture store chains.


Furniture Repair for Furniture Stores Sales Floor

Furniture Repair for Furniture Stores Sales Floor

You should keep the display furniture on your sales floor looking it sharpest, to help your reps close that sale. Scratches and chips on the furniture in your store leads customers to believe the same will happen to them. Let assist you in creating a furniture store display touch up & maintenance schedule . Some smaller stores may be able to do this themselves, and that’s understandable in these tough economic times. Procure a few touch-up markers and some furniture-putty fill sticks and you can easily cross train your sales reps to do a halfway decent job making minor damage invisible from a distance.

Larger multi-store furniture companies, however, are probably going to want to hire a professional.

That’s where we come in. 

Armed with a full array of upholstery tools, a large assortment of wood touch-up products in numerous colors , and supplies for stitching upholstery seams, technicians are more than prepared to tackle a large variety of issues commonly affecting a furniture store sales floor. As mentioned before, we can help you create a rotating repair schedule based on your average needs. Our professional technicians will return to your store on a regular schedule, performing wood touch-up, upholstery repair, and furniture maintenance without disturbing your companies workflow. Our technicians keep a service record of repairs performed and can receive sign off from a store manager each visit.


This is how started and is the core of our business.

We understand what it means to have to trust a company that services your customers. Especially in a customers’ home, a third party furniture repair company needs to represent your brands best interests. is not a fly by night, one-man show.

Our office staff can take over your customer service complaint from step 1.

  1. We are able to take calls directly to our office and create service requests
  2. Schedule appointments with your customers and maintain contact records
  3. Identify and proceed with proper furniture repair techniques.
  4. Take photographs of the incident and repairs made.
  5. Document our actions and request sign off from customer.
  6. Depending on the situation, we will either order a part for further repair



Our technicians are trained in a variety of furniture repair services and equipped to perform a large variety of tasks cleanly and efficiently in a customers home.

  • Upholstery panel replacement
  • Seam separations on pillows and back cushions
  • Leather touch ups
  • Wood chip and scratch repairs

But perhaps most importantly, our technicians are taught to strive to have a good service completion rate while maintaining good customer service.

  • This means making best effort attempts to satisfy customer needs.
  • Knowing when to order a part vs make a repair.
  • Respecting customers homes.

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