As a fellow animal lover, I know how hard it is to keep your dogs/cats off the furniture. I’m going to go discuss with you the many actions you can take to avoid those unwanted claw marks.

 1. Lay down a blanket

First off, the most simple option is to make sure to keep a blanket down where they lay. However, if you have a big dog like I do, this option doesn’t always work.


Dog sleeping on bed

2. Invest in a nice dog bed to encourage them to lay elsewhere. 

I know dog beds can be expensive! However, by investing in a good dog bed, you’ll feel better about teaching them not to jump up. View the links below to search for comfy dog beds.
  • Amazon – filter by price, rating, brand, etc.
  • Visit your local Target, Kmart, pet stores and/or furniture stores to view the beds in-person.
 Dog beds prevent dogs on couch


Also, here are some training tips on keeping your pup off the furniture:
Consistency – no making exceptions just because they are adorable! I know it’s hard, but by letting them up sometimes, it confuses them.
Use one simple command like ‘off’. Again, keep the request consistent so the learning process is easy and fast.
Are you breaking a long time habit? Try using barriers for when you’re not home. My dog spent his first couple years allowed on the couch until we were forced to get a new couch because he broke the boards in the old couch (he’s 130 lbs.). We bought a new bed and started training him but old habits die hard and he would still jump up when we left for work. We put items on the couch (pillows, boxes or anything available) when we were gone and trained him when we were home until he learned a new habit. Now we don’t even have to keep the barriers up, he just goes and lays in his comfy new bed.


3. Specialized furniture covers

Don’t have the heart to tell them to get down? There are many options for comfy and eye-pleasing furniture covers made specifically for your animal friends. Take a look at some of the options at the links listed below:
  • In the Company of Dogs
  • Many furniture stores and pet stores alike will carry options for covers in-store. Call your local retail shops to check if they have something that will fit your needs.
 Pet blankets for recliners


Do you have any other options you would like to share? Please share your favorite alternatives in the comments below!